Repairs, Modifications, & STCs

Airglas Nose Fork
Repaired and painted instrument panel with new CGR-30P
4" Bubble Window
Leading Edge Exhaust on a C-182Q with an IO-550
After-Interior door panel and trim
After-Interior polished trim
Before-Interior door panel and trim
Installation of Alaskan Bushwheel Tires on a PA-12
TurboPlus Intercooler
Installation of the intercooler heat discharge duct
Installation of overhauled Lycoming O-320 from Ly-Con Aircraft Engines in a PA-12
Baggage Compartment in a PA-12
All new plastic trims
After-Instrument Panel
Before-Instrument Panel
After painting
After soda blast and cleaned up ready to paint
Insulation Install
Cont IO-520-HCR
C-182Q From a Cont O-470U to a Cont IO-550D from Airplains Aviation