Buhl Airport Open House and Chili Cook-Off, What a Way to End the Summer

Buhl Airport Board Open House 9-16-2017

We can sum up the day in three words:

So. Much. Fun!

Home-made chili, hot dogs, muffins, cake, coffee and water. Experimental planes, kit planes, Cessna, Piper, Bonanza. Antique trucks, jeep, cars.  People, pets, and kids. And balloons!

There will be fewer pilots in the sky once winter arrives in South Central Idaho, so we made the most of our spectacular fall weather and shared the day with local enthusiasts, staff, friends, family, board members and pilots.

A special thanks go the following people:

The Buhl Airport Board.

Sherry Hoem applied for and received a community grant from Thrivant Financial and used it to open up the gathering to Buhl residents. She worked tirelessly organizing the contestants, the food, the volunteers, and printing and distributing the flyers. She didn't sit still long enough for us to take her picture.

Kathy Hodulik brought her faithful shadow, Buster (Left).  Kathy made the signs and was on hand to answer questions, help with food, direct visitors, and keep the balloons corralled. Craig Jones (Right)  worked on almost every plane on display and helped shine them up.



Cindy Meyer (below--left) visits with her husband, Tim, and her brother Cory Santos.

Cindy's venison chili won her a half-hour introductory flight with Rick Robinette.

Bucky and Bev Whittier's (above right) beef chili won them a flight over Shoshone Falls with Niel Ring.


Lisa from Wells Propane standing next to Rick Robinette (below). Rick designed the layout of the static displays, and then moved every plane himself because, deep down, he's an artist and the world is his canvas.

Lisa, a guest, and Rick Robinette Owner of Foothills Aviation LLC


Niel Ring, Chairman of the Buhl Airport Boared, (below-center), made sure the porta-potties were delivered and the crowds were entertained.

Tim Moore                     Niel Ring                           Andrew Brachman-Future Pilot

Phil Smith, with the amazing chili from a bag, and Foothills Aviation LLC staff, Gilberto Rizo, Arlene Armstrong, Corbyn Hudson and Ginger Jones were too camera shy to pose for a photo, but they helped shine up the planes, set up chairs and tables, get the word out, furnished dessert, and answered questions.