Call for Crafters~

Where:  Buhl Municipal Airport, Buhl Idaho


When:  June 9th, 2018


Times:  7am to 2pm


Vendor booth requests are being accepted for the 2018 Buhl Fly-In event.  If your craft is of the artisan nature or you offer homemade bake goods or jams, please consider attending our event.  Spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended.  Space allotment to vendors that offer similar items will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Space fees are as follows:


Looking for Craft and Artisan Vendors for the 2018 Buhl (U03) Fly - In

We are looking for craft and artisan vendors for the Buhl Fly-In, Saturday June 9th, 7 am - 2 pm. $25 for a 10x10 booth spot. Please contact Arlene or Ginger at Foothills Aviation, (208) 543-8999, for more information and entry forms. Space is limited.

Buhl (U03) Fly-In 2018

2018 Buhl (U03) Fly-In

2018 Buhl (U03) Fly-In

hosted by Foothills Aviation, LLC.

June 9th, 7 A.M. to 2 P.M.

1276A East 4100 North, Buhl, ID 83316

Buhl Airport Open House and Chili Cook-Off, What a Way to End the Summer

Buhl Airport Board Open House 9-16-2017

We can sum up the day in three words:

So. Much. Fun!

Home-made chili, hot dogs, muffins, cake, coffee and water. Experimental planes, kit planes, Cessna, Piper, Bonanza. Antique trucks, jeep, cars.  People, pets, and kids. And balloons!

There will be fewer pilots in the sky once winter arrives in South Central Idaho, so we made the most of our spectacular fall weather and shared the day with local enthusiasts, staff, friends, family, board members and pilots.

Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News? 9-06-2017

Of course you want the good news, but the bad news is shorter, so let's get that over with first.


Buhl Airport Open House and Chili Cook-Off

Buhl Airport Open House and Chili Cook-Off 

Saturday, September 16th, from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.

First Prize is a flight over Shoshone Falls. There is no entrance fee.

Robinette Takes Over Shop at Buhl Municipal Airport (in 2007!)

Published August 20, 2008 in the Buhl Herald

Robinette takes over shop at Buhl Municipal Airport

Buhl—It’s a profession chosen based on an early fascination with airplanes.

Rick Robinette, originally from Wendell, was raised on a farm near Gooding.

What About the Mechanics!

Keep your mechanic happy

Airplane mechanics make flying things go and keep people safe. Our lives are in their hands every minute we’re in the air, so it never hurts to keep them happy.  Am I right?

What makes a mechanic happy other than cookies, barbecues, and the occasional after-work beverage? Here’s a short list of suggestions to consider when you’re ready to take your craft in for its annual or an inspection.

Your Aircraft’s Unique Characteristics

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