Congratulations go to one of our youngest student pilots, 17-year old Kaden Scott, CFI Leo Unzicker, and Designated Pilot Examiner Scott Curtis!








Kaden Scott and Foothills Aviation LLC Owner Rick Robinette


Kaden Scott Passed His Checkride July 19, 2017.
Kaden Scott
Is Officially a Pilot!

Jonathan Kreilich passed his checkride May 11, 2017.

Congratulations to Jonathan, CFI Leo Unzicker (not shown), and Designated Pilot Examiner Scott Curtis!

Jonathan Kreilich is Officially a Pilot

Tiras Newman passed his checkride July 11, 2017. 

Congratulations to Tiras and his CFI Leo Unzicker!

Tiras Newman
Is Officially a Pilot

Hi Rick,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work you, Bart and the rest of your crew put in on our F35 Bonanza, 5038B. You have transformed this Bonanza into a 21st Century Dream Machine. Today, this 60 year old “classic” is truly in a class by herself. I am so fortunate to have had made the decision to have Foothills Aviation take on this project. I know very few pilots will ever have the opportunity to experience winning at Oshkosh and bringing home a “Bronze Lindy”. I couldn’t have been more excited than when Bart and I accepted the “Champion of the Customized Classic” award for her. What an experience that was. Absolutely unforgettable!!! You should have been on that podium too!

The IO-550 engine was by far the best choice for her. I normally burn 8.8 gph running lean of peak and still plan most flights at 140 mph. Of course, climb performance is incredible. A 110 mph climb speed usually results in a 1000 fpm (or better) rate of climb even during the hot temps of summer we have in the high desert county of Northern Nevada and Idaho. And when I need to step it up and run on the rich side, she covers a lot of ground quickly. The 20 gallon tip tanks (94 total) allow me as many as 9 hours non-stop with over an hour in reserve. I personally don’t want to fly that long but non-stop from Buhl, Idaho to Oshkosh this year would be a breeze.

The new engine, learther interior, panel, strobes, lights, baffle system, paint, vg’s, etc., etc., etc., was expensive, but now seem well worth it. I have a pretty good idea of what a new Bonanza goes for, so the way I figure it, I got one hell of a deal. I just wish you could have convinced me on the need of those speed brakes…. (Next project).

Thanks again to you and your team. I couldn’t have hoped to find anyone better for this project.

I sincerely appreciate your organization’s professionalism and dedication on doing everything right.

Mike Eriksen
Wells Propane

Fellow aircraft owners,

I am pleased to recommend 8 Triple 9 Aviation. I will try to make my long story short.

I reacquired a 1976 F33A that I bought in 1997 and sold in 2005. The engine was run out, and I installed a Continental factory remanufactured IO-520BB in May of 2014. From the first flight, the #2 cylinder ran hot at 400 to 415 degrees F. The shop that installed the engine is a large and respected one; but after considerable troubleshooting, nothing was found and the mechanic told me, “That’s just how it is going to run.”

I talked with Continental Motors Customer Support. They recommended a D’Shannon Baffle Kit. I next talked to D’Shannon, and they told me about 8 Triple 9 Aviation which had installed their baffling system in a plane that had won awards for its restoration. I flew to Buhl, Idaho, and met Rick Robinette and Bart Morrow. We ordered the kit and scheduled the installation. Prior to the installation Rick and Bart, both ATPs, flew my bird to see if anything outside of the baffling problem was going on. They noted a rapid increase in CHT in the #2 cylinder. They suspected an induction leak. They returned to the shop, pressurized the intake system, and did locate an intake air leak. They then flew my airplane again and noted normal temps in all cylinders. Long story long, it pays big dividends to have an A&P who is also an ATP!

We proceeded with the baffle installation. They completed a beautiful installation with great attention to detail. Bart sent me pictures of their progress which I will share with you. I only wish I would have known about these great aviation professionals a year sooner. Their friendship and support adds a great deal to the joy of aviation.

Randy Baxter